PMC Pharmacy – A Better Way to Better Health!

PMC Pharmacy is a Medication Management Company with over 12 years’ experience…Serving Patients, Physicians, Home Health Care Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, and Hospice Organizations.

PMC Pharmacy acts as a conduit between the Health Caregiver and the Patient.

By working with PMC Pharmacy, Patients, Caregivers, Medical Practices and Health Organizations can expect Increased Medication Consistency, Improved Health & Safety, and Reduced Hospital Admissions & Re-admissions for the Patients they Serve…Allowing Healthcare Professionals the Opportunity to Concentrate on Spending More Time with their Patients and Improving their Outcomes!

PMC Pharmacy…We Bring the Pharmacy to You!


Provide Compassionate Service Combined with Unique and Innovative Pharmacy Solutions that Improve the Lives of our Customers


Improve Patient Health And Reduce Overall Healthcare Costs By Changing Pharmacy’s Role in Healthcare


Compassion, Consistency, Charity, Service, Integrity, Teamwork